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Tesla Giga Shanghai Continues Massive Expansion at Lightning Speed

Tesla Giga Shanghai Continues Massive Expansion at Lightning Speed

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Tesla Giga Shanghai continues to expand, starting development in new territories, and continuing to build new facilities at the factory. Where previously there were undeveloped areas, the company continues a new phase of construction. Giga Shanghai has become a powerful pillar for the company's global growth.

According to the latest observations, Giga Shanghai is continuing its massive expansion. The rapidly developing construction of new buildings was noticed on the territory of the factory. A third stamping shop is under construction in the west. At the moment, active work is underway to install the foundation, and the concrete-steel structure on the east side continues to grow.

In the center, between the Model Y production building and the parking lot, continues the construction of a massive structure. At the moment, it seems that concrete-steel structures for most of the building have already been installed. However, it is not yet completely clear where exactly the boundaries of the building will be. At some distance from the structure, a shallow pit was dug along the perimeter; perhaps this will be the boundary of the building.

Tesla does not disclose what the building will be used for. However, its close proximity to Phase 2, and the strong demand for Model Y may hint that it will be used in the production of this car model.

In the north, construction has also made great progress. On part of the territory, footings have already been installed, and on another part of it, the foundation will most likely be installed, since a foundation pit has been dug there. Also in this part, the construction of a concrete-steel structure has already begun. Tesla also does not disclose information about what exactly will be located in this new building.

Giga Shanghai is showing excellent production results, delivering 137,000 units in the China market in 2020. This figure does not take into account Model 3 produced for export, as well as Model Y, the production of which began in 2020. In just one year, Tesla has achieved very high production rates, and this is only the beginning.

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