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Tesla Giga Shanghai Model Y Likely Spotted by the Hundreds as China Launch Countdown Begins

Tesla Giga Shanghai Model Y Likely Spotted by the Hundreds as China Launch Countdown Begins

It seems that Tesla Giga Shanghai has already begun mass production of the Chinese-made Model Y because there are hundreds of units in parking lots and just outside production buildings of the factory. On the company's official website, the estimated production start date is indicated as the beginning of 2021, however everything indicates that the first order holders will receive their Model Ys very soon.

The Giga Shanghai Model Y is increasingly seen on the test track at the factory. And in mid-December, WU WA/YouTube spotted over 40 Model Ys parked at Giga Shanghai. Forty cars were seen covered with covers, and four more were expected to be covered soon by workers.

The latest video from Jason Yang/YouTube, published today, shows hundreds of Model Ys already located in various corners of the Giga Shanghai area. More than 30 units are parked on and near the test track. Another 20 units are on one side of Phase 1, and over 120 units are on the other side. More than 200 units are also in the main parking lot, where cars are usually parked, which are ready to be loaded into trucks.

Source: Jason Yang/YouTube

Most of the cars are covered, so we cannot be 100% sure that these are all Model Y. However, given the general outlines of cars covered, we can make a confident assumption that these indeed are Model Ys.

At this point, there have been no reports yet that order holders in China should prepare to receive their Model Y, however all indications are that this will happen soon. Tesla's CEO Elon Musk recently said he could return to China in January, replying to a tweet with a photo of the just-produced Model Ys. This visit is likely to be linked to the ceremony where the first customers will receive their Model Y, although this has not yet been officially announced.


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