Tesla Giga Shanghai Increased Sales 34% in August, Registering 44,264 MIC Model 3 & Y

Eva Fox by Eva Fox September 08, 2021

Tesla Giga Shanghai Increased Sales 34% in August, Registering 44,264 MIC Model 3 & Y

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Tesla Giga Shanghai increased sales 34% in August compared to a month earlier. It is reported that the Chinese factory has delivered 44,264 MIC Model 3 and Y.

Giga Shanghai's performance continues to amaze, especially during this challenging time for the automotive industry. Tesla was able to deliver 44,264 Chinese-made vehicles in August, according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). A month earlier, the manufacturer registered 32,968 vehicles. The growth compared to July corresponds to 34.3%, which is significant in just one month.

Domestic sales reached 12,885 units, up 49.5% from the previous month. Tesla was able to allocate more vehicles for sale in China in August as overall performance rose from July and domestic orders continue to rise as more affordable car options emerge. Sales in China are expected to rise significantly in September, the final month of Q3.

In August, Giga Shanghai exported 31,379 vehicles. This corresponds to an increase of 28.9% compared to a month earlier, when 24,347 units were shipped. Much of this high number is due to the fact that the factory has significantly increased production of Model Y, the number of which has already reportedly reached 1,000 units per day. Now, the electric crossover SUV is actively exported to countries around the world, including Europe.

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