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Tesla Giga Shanghai Is Halfway to Increasing Production Capacity to 1.2M Cars per Year

Tesla Giga Shanghai Is Halfway to Increasing Production Capacity to 1.2M Cars per Year

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Tesla Giga Shanghai is halfway to increasing production capacity to 1.2 million vehicles per year. The upgraded production line for Model Y is already running, and the upgrade of the production line for Model 3 is in progress.

Starting in July, Tesla is upgrading Giga Shanghai and will soon be ready for particularly large production volumes. Local media Auto Time reported that the Phase 1 production line responsible for the production of the Model 3 sedan began the upgrade on July 17 and is expected to be completed on August 7. Employees are expected to start working as usual from August 8. After the modernization is completed, one-day production of Model 3 will reach 1,000-1,200 units per day. This corresponds to 7,000-8,400 vehicles per week, or 365,000-438,000 Model 3s per year, which is a very significant increase.

Phase 2 workers, where Model Y is produced, have already returned to work. The first week after the start of production after the modernization has already become fruitful. It is reported that at the moment 2,000 units per day are being produced, and will gradually increase to about 2,200 vehicles per day, which should happen in August.

According to the report, in early Q3 Phase 1 of Giga Shanghai, the facility produced about 10,000 Model 3 vehicles for delivery to China and then produced Model 3s for export until employees went on vacation and production lines closed for upgrades. After the full start of production, the annual production capacity of Tesla Giga Shanghai will increase to approximately 1.1-1.2 million units.

In parallel with increasing its annual production capacity, Giga Shanghai is also expanding its employees. The number of job posts has increased significantly since July. Positions open across multiple factory shops including bodywork, painting, press, final assembly, vehicle quality, and logistics.

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