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Tesla Giga Shanghai on Track to Produce 500K Cars in 2021, Localizing 90% of Supply Chain

Tesla Giga Shanghai on Track to Produce 500K Cars in 2021, Localizing 90% of Supply Chain

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Tesla Giga Shanghai is on track to reach production of 500,000 vehicles in 2021, said the company's vice president in China. The manufacturer was able to accelerate production by localizing the supply chain by 90%.

Cailian reported on Wednesday that Grace Tao, vice president of Tesla China, said in an interview that Giga Shanghai could reach its 500,000 vehicle production target this year. In addition, the company has high production efficiency and localized 90% of the supply chain, which has had a direct impact on the optimization and acceleration of production. Tesla China has always been active in promoting the growth of primarily local parts companies.

As of September—that is, in the first nine months of 2021—Giga Shanghai has produced 300,000 vehicles. Despite a global shortage of chips, the factory peaked in deliveries at the end of the third quarter. The factory was able to actively meet the growing demand both within China and in overseas markets, including Europe.

However, the production capacity of Giga Shanghai increased significantly in October, with about 54,000 vehicles produced in 24 days. Thus, in October, about 2,250 vehicles were produced per day. While November figures have yet to be released, with this calculation, the factory is expected to have produced about 67,000 vehicles in the month.

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