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Tesla Giga Shanghai Is Preparing a Huge Batch of Cars for Export in Q3 2021

Tesla Giga Shanghai Is Preparing a Huge Batch of Cars for Export in Q3 2021

Photo: Wu Wa/YouTube

Tesla continues to optimize its gigafactory in China. Giga Shanghai currently produces over 310,000 vehicles a year and will increase production to 450,000 units by the end of 2021. This allows the factory to increase not only domestic sales but also exports, and the company is now ready to ship thousands of China-made vehicles around the world.

In 2021, Giga Shanghai significantly increased production for export. Every month, Tesla was the leader among all car manufacturers in China. In April and May alone, the factory shipped 25,701 vehicles, but this is just the beginning. In June, thousands of Teslas made in China will be delivered to a number of European countries, as well as Israel, Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

At the moment, all cars in Q2 for overseas markets have already been sent, but Giga Shanghai is not slowing down. Tesla is actively preparing for Q3 and hundreds of vehicles are produced daily for export. Wu Wa/YouTube reported that a large number of vehicles with protective films are transported from the factory every day. In the video footage, we can see about 400 cars being loaded onto semi-trailers.

Production at Giga Shanghai will reach full capacity this year, meaning hundreds of thousands of China-made Tesla vehicles will hit the road around the world. In recent months, the company has been increasing exports and with an increase in production, more and more cars will be sent abroad.

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