Tesla Giga Shanghai Has Thousands of Model 3 Ready to Export to 10+ of European Countries Next Week

by Eva Fox October 19, 2020

Tesla Giga Shanghai Has Thousands of Model 3 Ready to Export to 10+ of European Countries Next Week

Tesla has begun exporting China-made Model 3s to Europe. The Giga Shanghai-made electric vehicles will be sold in more than ten European countries, including Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France, said Tesla China VP Grace Tao.

Rumors that Tesla China is preparing to export the MIC Model 3 have been circulating for some time. Yesterday Tesmanian's source, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed that Giga Shanghai is starting to export Model 3s, which is consistent with the data obtained from observations of the factory.

Shots from recent videos from Giga Shanghai showed Model 3s, wrapped in special shipping film, were charged on the site's Supercharger, and then loaded onto trucks and transported to a parking lot outside the factory.

Today, Tesla China Vice President Grace Tao has officially confirmed that the Model 3, manufactured by Giga Shanghai, will soon arrive in Europe. All cars will be upgraded versions of the Standard Range+, which are being delivered to the Chinese market.

"Model 3 from the Shanghai Super Factory is about to land in Europe.
This export vehicle is an upgraded version of the Model 3 standard battery life, which is consistent with the models supplied to the Chinese market. The export countries include Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and more than ten European countries."

Thousands of Model 3s are in Shanghai Port and are due to be shipped next Tuesday.


Manufacturing Model 3 in China has a number of important advantages that will allow Tesla to develop rapidly:

  • Manufacturing vehicles for export to Giga Shanghai will significantly reduce production pressure at the California plant (Fremont), allowing it to fully meet the needs of the North American market.
  • The location of Giga Shanghai is ideal for export.
  • Manufacturing in China is less costly, as the cost of labor in the country is much lower and there are no unions, which will contribute to higher profits.
  • Logistically beneficial.
  • China is a country where "world production" has high productivity; a major manufacturing hub.

Editor's Take: The Chinese National Holiday ended on Oct 8. It is especially noteworthy that, in just over a week since then, Giga Shanghai was able to produce thousands of Model 3s. This is incredibly positive for the current production rate at Tesla's China gigafactory.

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