Tesla Worldwide Microgrid Energy Storage Business Is Bigger Than You Thought

Tesla Worldwide Microgrid Energy Storage Business Is Bigger Than You Thought

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One of Tesla's main goals is the deployment of energy generation and storage systems. These microgrids can provide electricity to homes, relieving our dependence on a mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy. Tesla currently has over 120 operational microgrids around the world, which is an excellent confirmation of the company's success in achieving its goals.

Since 2016, Tesla has made every effort to deploy the Microgrid Industrial Storage Fleet, which is helping communities save millions of dollars as well as reduce pollution. According to the Director of Engineering and Construction, Energy Projects at Tesla Michael Snyder, the company has over 120 active microgrids around the world! This is a very large number, considering the fact that this division of the company has only been on the market for five years. All microgrids in existence have a big impact on different communities and customers.

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Tesla's energy storage business expanded significantly in 2019, but the full potential was not realized. In 2020, the company reported that Megapack--a battery pack of up to 3 MWh that is preassembled at Gigafactory Nevada as a single unit--is gaining traction.

The company also saw a turning point in interest in storage facilities at the utility level. Tesla confirmed that the level of demand for this product remains above their capabilities. Projects that are currently under development have a high interest in Megapack.

Renewable energies occupy an increasing share in the energy market, and the cost of batteries is constantly decreasing. An increase in battery energy storage is an inevitable consequence of an increase in the use of renewable energy sources.


In 2020, Tesla continues to expand several projects:

  • Hornsdale Power Reserve. In September, Neoen announced that it has completed the expansion of Tesla's large battery at Hornsdale in South Australia and it will now begin providing important inertial services to the network through its expanded capacity. Hornsdale Power Reserve has now been expanded to 150 MW/194 MWh.
  • The VPP (Virtual Power Plant) network in South Australia, which is in its early stages, is already a huge success, as reported in the Australian Energy Market Operator report, which provides 50 GW of potential for such projects. The project provides for 50,000 houses with a system of about 250 MW/650 MWh.
  • Neoen, a French company, is also offering another project in Victoria, with a capacity of 600MW/1200MWh worth $192 million.
  • The Moss Landing Facility will be Tesla's largest energy storage project and has already started this year. Tesla will deliver a massive 1,095 GWh of capacity using its unique Megapack product.

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