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Tesla Giga Shanghai's MIC Model 3 Ramp At Full Throttle With 4,000 Production Rate In Sight


Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai's MIC Model 3 ramp has hit full throttle as the facility nears its 4,000 production rate goal. After a short holiday break, Giga Shanghai production line workers returned to work on May 9. A few days after, numerous locally-made Model 3 vehicles were spotted parked in Giga Shanghai's grounds as well. 

The sight of multiple MIC Model 3 units of the same caliber was last seen at the beginning of the year, hinting that Giga Shanghai may have increased its production rate. Drone operator Wuwa Vision shared some footage of Giga Shanghai, where the MIC Model 3 units were sighted. Multiple car carriers were also at the site. 

Before the viral outbreak, Tesla reported that Giga Shanghai was close to reaching a 3,000 per week production rate. Back then, it seemed Tesla China had hit the ground running and was determined to do its best to uphold the company name. After the virus continued to spread, Giga Shanghai briefly shut down, opting to take an extended holiday following the country's Spring Festival. 

Giga Shanghai resumed operations on February 10 and has been working hard to reach its 3,000 per week production rate ever since. Before the Q1 2020 Earnings Call, Tesla informed investors that Giga Shanghai not only achieved a 3,000 per week production rate, it was also close to manufacturing 4,000 a week. 

"Our Gigafactory Shanghai ramp is progressing according to plan. Due to better than expected progress, we believe Model 3 will achieve a production rate of ~4,000/week (or ~200k/year extrapolated run rate) by mid-2020. Thus far, we have been able to ensure component supply in order to continue operations at the facility," Tesla wrote in its Q1 2020 Update report. 

Giga Shanghai's MIC Model 3 production isn't the only thing the facility seems to be ramping. Construction on Phase 2 of the factory has been moving quite rapidly as well. There appears to be three buildings in Phase 2 now. The steel frame structures of buildings 2A and 2B are complete, while the third building in Phase 2 seems to be catching up. 

The floors and roofing of building 2A seem moving at a faster rate than the other two facilities in Phase 2. It may be the building for Giga Shanghai's MIC Model Y production line. 

The Made-in-China Model Y production line could kick off earlier than expected, given the pace of Giga Shanghai's Phase 2 construction. Production on the MIC Model Y is expected to start in 2021. Giga Shanghai may already have the parts to manufacture the MIC Model Y. 

Newly-minted MIC Model 3 units with three USB Type C ports and an OEM wireless charging pad were spotted in a showroom in China recently. The USB Type C ports and OEM wireless charging pad were initially seen in Model Y crossovers that are produced in the United States.  

The MIC Model 3 units seen parked in Giga Shanghai may have similar features. As Tesla continues to improve its vertical supply chain, continues to localize parts production, and find local suppliers in China, Giga Shanghai may introduce more upgraded features in the future while maintaining and perhaps even lowering its price. In fact, Tesla plans to invest US$2 billion in Giga Shanghai to expand its production capacity.  

Featured Image Credit: Wuwa Vision/YouTube

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