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Tesla Giga Shanghai Orders Machinery For Model Y Plant From Miracle Automation


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Tesla Giga Shanghai ordered more machinery from Miracle Automation for Phase 2, where the MIC Model Y factory is placed. Tesla ordered machinery from the same company for the first phase of GF3, where the MIC Model 3 Standard Range+ and Long Range RWD are produced. 

Media researcher @DKrac found the news on Weibo. “We received additional orders for GF3 2nd phase factory this year, Miracle Automation on cooperation with Tesla without revealing more details,” he wrote in a post on Twitter. The media researcher further explained that “Miracle Logistics works with Tesla since 2019 when it supplied RMB¥420M of conveyors between assembly plant and paint shoot in GF3 1st phase.”

Demand for the MIC Model Y in China is expected to surpass the MIC Model 3 because the SUV crossover segment in the Chinese market is substantial. In April 2020, crossover and SUVs outperformed the market in China, with a 0.8% decline. The segment grabbed 44% of the Chinese passenger car market, reported Car Sales Base.

The machinery is most likely for the MIC Model Y factory, which is slated to begin production as early as Q1 2021, according to Tesla China VP Grace Tao. At the speed Giga Shanghai moves, MIC Model Y deliveries could start by late Q1 2021 or the second quarter if it follows the timeline Tao shared. 

However, Giga Shanghai’s activities usually move lightning fast, as evidenced by the ongoing construction of Phase 2’s two separate buildings and a third triangular building. The MIC Model Y factory’s shell seems nearly finished based on the latest video from drone operator Jason Yang. 

GF3’s Model Y production could proceed as fast as its MIC Model 3 progress. Giga Shanghai started MIC Model 3 SR+ Production a few months before 2019 ended and made its first deliveries in early 2020, precisely a year after its groundbreaking ceremony with Elon Musk. By the middle of the second quarter, GF3 started producing the Long Range RWD variant and began delivering the units ahead of schedule. Just recently, Giga Shanghai filed applications to manufacture the MIC Model 3 Performance and Long Range AWD at China’s Ministry of Industry and Technology.  

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