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Tesla Giga Shanghai Long Range Model 3 May Enter China Market This Week


Tesla Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 Long Range RWD may enter China’s auto market as early as this week, according to local media reports. News of the Model 3 Long Range RWD variant has not been confirmed by either Tesla China or any of the EV company’s executives in America. However, the news seems consistent with the production output Giga Shanghai shared just last month before the end of Q1 2020.

Bloomberg reported that it was able to contact someone close to the matter, presumably in China. The news outlet’s source and China web media researcher @dKurac indicated that the MIC Model 3 Long Range produced in Giga Shanghai can reportedly run about more than 650 kilometers (404 miles) with a single charge.

Their description of the MIC Model 3 LR’s range seems to support the fact that Giga Shanghai has been producing the variant. After all, the version that Tesla China was approved to make was the single-motor RWD model, which would use less battery power than the Model 3 LR dual-motor AWD manufactured in Fremont.

According to Bloomberg’s source, the MIC Model 3 Long Range variant could be priced at RMB¥350,000 in the Chinese auto market. In comparison, the MIC Model 3 Standard Range Plus costs RMB¥299,050, thanks to the subsidies and tax exemption it qualified for in China.

However, Tesla China hasn’t announced an official price tag for the Model 3 LR yet. The locally-made Long Range version may also qualify for subsidies and a tax exemption from the national government.tesla-china-model-3-configurator

If the Model 3 Long Range variant does come out in China by the end of the week or even the coming weeks, Tesla could end up starting Q2 2020 strong. The demand for the MIC Model 3 Standard Range Plus appears to have helped Tesla get through the first quarter relatively unscathed by the virus’s effect on the global auto industry.

Cases of the virus seem to be decreasing in Italy, Spain, and other countries. The United States may follow, allowing Fremont to continue production on the Model Y.

If Fremont resumes operations, Tesla’s Q2 2020 results could be on par or perhaps even stronger than its first-quarter numbers. Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 Long Range RWD and its Standard Range Plus would significantly contribute to Tesla’s Q2 results. Model Y deliveries in the United States would also be a significant factor.

Featured Image Credit: @DKurac/Twitter

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