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Tesla Giga Shanghai Model Y to Begin Rolling Off Production Line Early 2021, Says Executive

by Eva Fox August 20, 2020

Tesla Giga Shanghai Model Y to Begin Rolling Off Production Line Early 2021, Says Executive

Featured image: William Stern / Flickr

The construction of Giga Shanghai is progressing rapidly. The exterior work of Phase 2A appears to be almost complete as there are almost no cranes near the building and minimal activity is visible. Apparently, internal work and equipment installation are currently underway.

The made in China Model Y will begin rolling off the assembly line at Giga Shanghai in early 2021, an unnamed Tesla executive told cls.cn on August 20. This statement is consistent with the facts previously received from the company.

The factory has already received a giant machine—a Giga Press - for the production of Model Y and is currently continuing its installation. There have also been rumors that trial production will begin in late October, in line with estimates of progress in construction.

In early June, the Model Y became available to order in China. The estimated production time is early 2021. The price of the Long Range is ¥ 488,000 ($ 68,580), Performance will cost Chinese consumers ¥ 535,000 ($ 75,185).

The first Model Y deliveries began in North America in March, which is half a year faster than previously planned. Tesla produces cars faster every year than before. The accumulated experience is used in order to implement their plans efficiently as possible and satisfy customers with its highly sought-after vehicles. 

Model Y is a compact SUV. This segment is becoming increasingly popular, so it’s not surprising to see demand growing rapidly for the Tesla model. In 2021, Europeans will also be able to get their hands on the first Model Ys made in Germany, as its new Tesla Giga Berlin factory continues to be built with record speed.

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