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Tesla Performance Model 3 From Giga Shanghai Increases Range To 635KM (394 Miles)


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Tesla Giga Shanghai’s Performance Model 3 received an NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) range of 635km or about 394 miles. Tesla China has already submitted its application to produce the MIC Model 3 Performance, along with the Long Range AWD variant, to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Giga Shanghai’s Performance Model 3 might be a force to reckon with since it received an impressive NEDC range of 635km (394 miles). Take note that the battery pack in Tesla’s MIC Model 3 Performance presumably still runs on a 75kWh battery pack. In comparison, Tesla Fremont Factory’s Model 3 Performance received an EPA range of 299 miles (481 km). 


Credit: Tesla China/Weibo

However, NEDC and EPA range estimations are hard to convert and even harder to explain. If tested under EPA standards, Giga Shanghai’s Performance Model 3 might still rack up an impressive range, albeit slightly lower than the one it received from the NEDC. 

The MIC Model 3 Performance’s wheels could be one factor it received an NEDC range of 635km (394 miles). Giga Shanghai’s Performance variants come with 19” Power Sports Wheels, known as Gemini Wheels in the United States. In contrast, Tesla Fremont Factory’s Performance Model 3 comes with 20” Gray Performance Wheels.

Either way, however, Tesla China’s Performance Model 3 might make a big splash once it enters the market, and that may happen before the end of the year. Tesla China submitted its application to produce the Model 3 Performance and Long Range RWD variants earlier this month. As stated in a previous Tesmanian report, the Performance variant may be equipped with a 137/202kW motor and weigh 1836kg (4047lbs.) 

China MIIT approved production for the Model 3 Long Range RWD in March, and Giga Shanghai started deliveries in mid-May—two weeks ahead of schedule. Demand for Long Range RWD appears to be strong and might help boost TSLA's Q2 2020 deliveries.

Given the timetable of the MIIT’s production approval for the MIC Model 3 Long Range RWD and when Giga Shanghai started deliveries of the variant, the Performance Model 3 could be out in time for Q4 2020. The Performance Model 3 might do for the fourth quarter what the Long Range RWD is expected to do in TSLA's second quarter for this year.

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