Tesla Giga Shanghai Produces One Car in Under 40 Seconds

Tesla Giga Shanghai Produces One Car in Under 40 Seconds

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Tesla Giga Shanahai's production rate continues to amaze. According to a recent interview with a factory employee, Giga Shanghai produces one car in less than 40 seconds, which is an improvement over the previous 45 seconds.

Even though Giga Shanghai was built later than some of Tesla's other factories, it continues to amaze with its performance figures. It was previously known that the Chinese factory produced each Model 3 or Model Y every 45 seconds. It was already an amazing achievement—in fact, the best in the industry. However, now the performance has increased even more.

A Shanghai representative visited Giga Shanghai to learn more about the factory. The presenter received an interview from a factory employee who gave her a tour. She was amazed at the work in the shops where Model 3 is produced. In response to a question, a Tesla employee said Giga Shanghai produces one car (be it a Model 3 or a Model Y) in less than 40 seconds.

This result is amazing. For example, Ford said in a January 2023 report that it produces the F-150 in 49 seconds at its factory in Dearborn, Michigan. Obviously, a difference of 9 seconds is significant. Tesla's performance comes from continuous optimization of production, efficiency improvements, development of new manufacturing processes, and improvements in vehicle design. Separately, it should be noted that the success of Giga Shanghai would not have been possible without the hardworking employees of the factory and skillful management.

Tesla's Chinese factory is its export hub. In addition to deliveries to the domestic market, Giga Shanghai supplies to nearby Asian countries, Australia, Europe, and even Canada. The factory's production capacity is over 750,000 units per year, according to a company report. However, non-official reports indicate that the real capacity of Giga Shanghai is over 1 million units. It should be noted that the factory has already delivered nearly 500,000 vehicles in the first half of the year.

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