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Tesla Giga Shanghai Resumes Production with 8,000 Employees Working in Closed-Loop System

Tesla Giga Shanghai Resumes Production with 8,000 Employees Working in Closed-Loop System

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Tesla Giga Shanghai reumes production with 8,000 employees working in a closed-loop system. The American manufacturer has been included in the "white list" of the most important industries in Shanghai, so the workers get a unique opportunity to leave their homes, get food, and a daily extra stipend.

Tesla has returned 8,000 employees to its Shanghai plant, about half of the total. Giga Shanghai closed about three weeks ago due to a COVID lockdown. After the lockdown was announced, people literally stayed in their apartments and were not allowed to leave, not even to buy food. All production in Shanghai, as in many other cities in China, was completely stopped.

According to one of Tesla's managers, after resuming the work it will take about 3-4 days to ramp up production. The company's goal is to ensure that one shift per day works at full capacity. At the moment, the stock of spare parts and materials are sufficient to operate for about one week, however the government is helping to ensure that the manufacturer receives all the necessary components for further smooth operation.

Tesla is resuming Giga Shanghai with strict hygiene and in a closed-loop system. While the Western media is trying to point out that Tesla workers will live in the factory in inhumane conditions, they do not tell all the facts about what is happening. Firstly, resumed productions of all companies will work in the closed-loop system, although the media only indicates that just Tesla employees are suffering. Secondly, given that the rest of the population of the cities continues to be isolated in their homes, without the right to leave it even if they need food or medical care, workers in all restarted factories found themselves in uniquely favorable conditions. For all of them, there are places for sleeping, showering, and entertainment. Each of them receives high-quality medical care and three meals a day. In addition, each of them receives a daily cash stipend.

As of now, Giga Shanghai has resumed manufacturing of battery modules and electric motors and started a few general assembly lines, according to the report. The local government is helping to coordinate with more than 100 suppliers to get supply chains back up and running.

Tesla was one of 666 companies out of about 50,000 registered in Shanghai to be on the "white list." The list includes mainly companies in the automotive, semiconductor, and energy industries. The whitelisting system, already practiced unofficially by many local authorities, was approved at a central government meeting on Monday chaired by Vice Premier Liu He. Government agencies must now whitelist key enterprises in the automotive, semiconductor, consumer electronics, machine tools, agricultural equipment, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

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