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Tesla Giga Shanghai Ships Another Batch of Cars After Resuming Production

Tesla Giga Shanghai Ships Another Batch of Cars After Resuming Production

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Tesla Giga Shanghai sent the second batch of over 4,000 vehicles after resuming production. Together with the first batch shipped a few days ago, deliveries in the first two weeks of May will total about 9,000 - 10,000 vehicles.

Tesla shipped a new batch of more than 4,000 vehicles exported from Giga Shanghai on Sunday, local news outlet Knews reported. This demonstrates that the factory continues to operate under the challenging conditions of the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown in the city. The vehicles were loaded into the Shanghai Nangan Terminal on the morning of May 15, which is the second batch of vehicles exported from the Shanghai factory this week.

On May 11, the carrier vessel Glovis Splendor sailed for Europe with 4,767 Tesla vehicles to the port of Koper, Slovenia. This marked the first export of electric vehicles since the resumption of production at Giga Shanghai. On Sunday, the cars were loaded onto Theben, and according to the tracking data, the carrier vessel is now on its way to Singapore.

Giga Shanghai is the largest Tesla export hub, and about half of all shipments of the company in 2021 came from China. That is why it is critical to ramp up factory production there, to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Giga Shanghai stopped production for three weeks starting March 28 and officially resumed operations on April 19.

So far, the Tesla factory has exported about 9,000 - 10,000 vehicles in the first two weeks of May. With the gradual resumption of work of all its suppliers, the manufacturer will be able to reach the pre-quarantine level of production. For now, Giga Texas and Giga Berlin are actively working to partially offset production shutdowns in China, which should allow Tesla to maintain Q2 deliveries at the level of Q1 2022, and possibly even increase them.

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