Tesla Giga Shanghai Shows Major Activity with Thousands of Cars Preparing for Delivery

by Eva Fox September 04, 2021

Tesla Giga Shanghai Shows Major Activity with Thousands of Cars Preparing for Delivery

Photos: Wu Wa/YouTube

Tesla Giga Shanghai is showing massive activity on the factory grounds. Thousands of vehicles are being tested, charged, and loaded onto semi trucks to be delivered to customers.

Tesla Giga Shanghai is in an incredibly active mode. Wu Wa's/YouTube video footage shows the tremendous movement there, and the whole factory looks like a huge anthill. Hundreds of semi-trailers are arriving at the factory with supplies. Giga Shanghai's car park lots are literally completely filled with thousands of vehicles in preparation for delivery. Dozens of semi-trailers are being loaded with Model 3 and Y, ready to be received by eager customers. Empty trucks are constantly arriving to replace the loaded ones.

Model 3 and Y are tested on the factory trucks, after which they will be distributed among parking lots on the territory. Many vehicles are charged as part of preparation before being shipped to delivery centers.

While the bulk of the export vehicles have already been dispatched to reach end consumers by the end of Q3, the vehicles currently being produced are likely to be sold in China. As in previous quarters, the factory produces the vast majority of vehicles for export in the first two months. In the last month of the quarter, production is focused on the domestic market.

This major activity at Giga Shanghai demonstrates the manufacturer's commitment to achieving the highest possible delivery rates in Q3 2021, and to quickly replace ICE vehicles with electric ones. It should be kept in mind that Tesla, like the entire auto industry, continues to face limiting factors such as a lack of components for producing cars. This will have an impact, but the Californian manufacturer will certainly do its best to reduce it.


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