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Tesla Giga Shanghai Sold 33,155 Cars in June, Achieving 400K Annual Production Capacity

Tesla Giga Shanghai Sold 33,155 Cars in June, Achieving 400K Annual Production Capacity

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Tesla has significantly increased the production capacity of Giga Shanghai to 400,000 vehicles per year and sold 33,155 units in June 2021, up 29% from last month.

Tesla again achieved strong production and delivery numbers in China in June. According to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), the manufacturer sold 33,155 Giga Shanghai-made cars. This is the total number of vehicles sold and reflects both domestic and export sales. Of these, 21,532 were Model 3, and 11,623 Model Y.

A total of 28,138 vehicles were sold in the Chinese market in June, an increase of 88% over the same period last year. Of these, 16,515 were Model 3 sales, which corresponds to an increase of 10% over the same month last year. Model Y sales are 11,623 units. Since the sales of the model only started this year, we cannot get YoY comparative data. However, compared to May, Model Y sales increased by 26%, which indicates the successful continuation of the production ramp-up.

Giga Shanghai exported 5,017 vehicles, all of which were Model 3. At the moment, Tesla’s factory in China does not produce Model Y for export, however this may soon change. This number of exported cars once again makes Tesla a leader. In June, its closest competitor was SAIC, which exported more than half fewer vehicles than Tesla and took second place with 2,300 units. BYD sold 215 units outside of China, and JAC 127.

Tesla Giga Shanghai continues to demonstrate strong production and delivery performance, both for the domestic market and for export. By gradually and steadily increasing production, the manufacturer is firmly moving towards achieving its global goals of bringing the best and highest quality electric vehicles to the roads around the world.

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