Tesla Giga Shanghai’s Northeast Construction Site Makes Stunning Progress

Tesla Giga Shanghai’s Northeast Construction Site Makes Stunning Progress

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Once Tesla finished building the Phase 1 factory in China, it was a real game-changer. The company's vehicles have received interest and love from Chinese consumers, who bought around 140,000 Model 3s in 2020 alone. However, Tesla did not stop there, starting the subsequent phases of the Giga Shanghai expansion. After the completion of Phase 2, the company smoothly began the expansion of Phase 3, some of the buildings of which are already close to completion.

In the north of the factory, a building is being actively constructed. At this point, the construction is almost complete and the installation of the walls and roof has begun. In one part of the building, cementing of the floor has already begun. This building has Tesla's signature corner, which the company is placing on its new factory buildings.

The building in the center area has achieved great construction progress and looks almost complete. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done to complete the installation of the walls and roof, however it will not take as much time as the main stage of the building.

Expansion to the southeast has also made progress. At the moment, two buildings are being constructed there at the same time. For the first building, land consolidation and foundation construction are now being done, although part of the structure has also been built. The construction of the second building is now focused on the construction of a steel structure. A huge amount of building material is located not far from the buildings.

Construction of the Stamping Workshop in the west has also moved forward. According to the photographs, we can see how strong the foundation for the building will be. For several months now, the company has been directing its efforts to build a truly solid base for the building. A new steel structure has also appeared here, and the installation of walls has already begun on a part of the previously built one.

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