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Tesla Giga Shanghai Will Increase to 3 Shifts After Chinese National Holiday

Tesla Giga Shanghai Will Increase to 3 Shifts After Chinese National Holiday

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Increasing production capacity is one of Tesla's main tasks at the moment. To achieve this goal, the company is building two new factories and continues to improve its existing ones. Giga Shanghai is actively modernizing the assembly line as it readies for export production, and now, will soon start working in three shifts.

A source familiar with the matter, who asked to remain anonymous, told Tesmanian that Giga Shanghai will soon start working in three shifts. The increase in work shifts will occur after the Chinese National Holiday, which runs October 1st - 7th 2020.

Tesmanian previously reported that Tesla China Upgrades Assembly Line at Giga Shanghai to Expand Production, which is consistent with new information on the increase in the number of work shifts.

Tesla China plans to ship Model 3 produced by Giga Shanghai to other markets in Asia and Europe. China's Tesla Model 3, destined for overseas shipments, could begin mass production in Q4 2020. Tesmanian's source also said that Japan and Korea are the first markets to be exported to.

This will help Tesla achieve new production targets. Since Giga Shanghai will manufacture Model 3 for these markets, the Fremont factory will be able to focus more on Model Y, its increasingly popular crossover.

Tesla China is to announce tomorrow that it will begin using cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries to manufacture the China-made Model 3.

This will drive down the price of the Model 3, spiking demand even further. Also, the imminent start of exports from Giga Shanhai indicates additional need yet for enhanced production capacity.


During Battery Day, Elon Musk said that Giga Shanghai could in the future be expanded to produce more than one million vehicles per year, making it the largest car plant in the world. Evidently, the company is moving swiftly towards achieving its goals.

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