Tesla Giga Texas Construction Progress - End of August Update

by Eva Fox August 23, 2020

Tesla Giga Texas Construction Progress - End of August Update

On July 22, 2020, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the location of Giga Texas. The new factory is located in Texas, near Austin. Yesterday was exactly one month since the announcement and Tesla has already made incredible progress.

The place, covered with swamps, lakes and quarries, has turned into an almost flat and neat territory. In just one month, construction teams have done an incredible amount of work. This marks the start of Tesla’s ultra-fast construction process, which could even surpass Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin in pace. At the moment, the company is simultaneously engaged in the construction of three separate factories. As time goes on, Tesla's experience and factory making "tool belt" continue to grow.

Joe Tegtmeyer / YouTube made an excellent video that gives us additional information. Here are photos from his July 27 video, which helps gain perspective on all the company has achieved in just one month.

Now compare them with the photos from August 22. Most of the lakes have already been filled up, the land has been leveled and covered with geotextiles. The site on which the Phase 1 buildings will be constructed is almost completely covered with gravel.

Joe writes that there were heavy thunderstorms and a lot of rainfall in the area before he started filming. However, this did not stop the company and the construction process at the site continued.

At this point, you can already see where the Phase 1 buildings will be located, as most of this area is almost completely leveled and covered with gravel. GeoPier foundation piers are continuing to be installed on the north gravel section of the foundation.

The northwest pond (the last of the ponds in the northwest site) is about 75% gone with continued fill and Geotextile membrane application. The southeast pond area has a new water tank to help facilitate draining of this pond, and the south “swamp” is about 75% removed and filled as well.

In a short period of time, Tesla has amassed robust expertise in building factories rapidly and well. It shouldn't come as a surprise if Giga Texas is completed even faster than Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai. Nevertheless, this unprecedented speed still boggles our minds, just as Tesla's products continue to advance their hold on our hearts. 


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