Tesla Giga Texas Construction Speeds Ahead in Plaid Mode as Production Nears

by Eva Fox March 19, 2021

Tesla Giga Texas Construction Speeds Ahead in Plaid Mode as Production Nears

Photos: Terafactory Texas/YouTube

Construction of Giga Texas continues at a very fast pace and the structures are growing so rapidly that it will take your breath away. In a matter of weeks, the building has morphed into a stately building that will soon house production facilities for electric vehicles that are changing the world. The installation of equipment in some workshops has already begun and in a few months, the first Teslas produced in Texas will begin to roll off the assembly line.

In the northeast building, we can see the paint shop modules that were delivered and lifted into the building last week. At that time, the equipment was covered with a blue film and it was impossible to see what it was, however now it is clearly visible.

Installation of the stormwater management system pipe has begun along the perimeter of the building. In some places, ditches have been dug and the installation of pipes has already begun. There is a large number of huge diameter pipes at the equipment delivery site.

The big building to the southeast has become more majestic. The installation of the outer walls for it is almost complete and now there is an almost finished shell. Internal work continues and we can even see that a partition has been installed inside. Near the building, there are trailers with some kind of equipment, which is covered with a blue film.

The building to the west continues to expand rapidly in size and growth, expanding both towards the north and south. Recently, there have been rumors in the community that this is where Cybertruck's production will be located, although there is no confirmation of this.

The foundation is being erected to the north of this building. While one of the pits only has mud slabs (or something similar), the second one is already preparing for pouring of the foundation. The workers have already installed the formwork and started installing the rebar.


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