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Tesla Giga Texas, Cybertruck & Semi: A First Pillar of a Sustainable Energy Future

Tesla Giga Texas, Cybertruck & Semi: A First Pillar of a Sustainable Energy Future

Tesla continues to actively build its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. Local officials and companies are admiring the speed of construction. “We are excited to see Tesla moving at ‘The Speed ​​of Elon' and the tremendous progress already made at the site,” said Charisse Bodisch, the chamber's senior vice president of economic development. In mid-October, three months after the start of construction, the first pillars were installed on the site.

In the video from Terafactory Texas/YouTube, you can see that a lot of work has been done on the site, where there were previously quarries, lakes, and swamps. All ponds were drained, backfilled with gravel and earth, and brought into proper condition using special technologies.

While the main part of the site has already been prepared for the next phase, leveling work is still ongoing in the central part of the site. It looks significantly higher than the rest of the area, and bulldozers continue to spread soil over it.

The greatest progress is seen in the northern part of the site. The first pillars were spotted today, marking the start of the next phase of construction and a very important milestone.

From the columns to the north edge, there are many prepared squares into which the reinforcing bars will be inserted and poured with concrete. At the moment, you can see 29 squares, but their number will continue to grow.

Significant progress is also noticeable on the southern side of the site: the large dig area foundation and formwork are being covered with what could be a vapor barrier.


Phase 1 of the factory will most likely be for the production of Cybertruck and Semi, as their production is scheduled to start in 2021. Given that these vehicles are large and therefore heavy, the foundations for buildings must be very strong and reliable.


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