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Tesla Giga Shanghai Ups Model 3 Production Rate, Preps for China-Made Model Y

Tesla Giga Shanghai Ups Model 3 Production Rate, Preps for China-Made Model Y

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai continues to ramp up production as demand for China-Made Model 3 continues to skyrocket. Construction of Phase 2 is almost complete, and soon, the China-made Model Y will start rolling off the assembly line.

In the latest video, Jason Yang/YouTube says that the production capacity of Giga Shanghai has increased. Increasing production capacity is one of Tesla's main priorities at the moment.

In September, Tesmanian exclusively reported that Tesla China would be upgrading its assembly line at Giga Shanghai and should move to a three-shift operation. These changes allowed the factory to increase its production capacity, and now, Giga Shanghai produces 800 vehicles per day. This means that, excluding future Model Y production, the factory could already be moving toward producing 5,600 vehicles per week. One potential rate-limiting factor to consider, for now, is whether battery suppliers like CATL & LG will be able to keep up with this next level output.

Right now, the parking lot is full of Model 3s, and more than 600 units can be counted. All of them are ready to be sent to delivery centers and are gradually loading onto trucks.

Also in the video, you can see the largest Tesla Supercharger in the world, consisting of 64 stalls. At the moment, the stalls are not all yet connected, but some of them are already operating. This charging station will meet the needs of the factory--that is, it will be used to charge newly produced vehicles.

Tesla China plans to ship Shanghai-made Model 3 to other markets in Asia and Europe. China's Tesla Model 3, destined for overseas shipments, could begin mass production in Q4 2020. Tesmanian's source said that Japan and Korea are the first markets to be exported to.

Phase 2 appears almost complete. There is minor, pending external work, but this work should not delay the start of Model Y production. We know that Giga Press has been in Giga Shanghai for several months now, so trial production could already be active.

Earlier, it was rumored that trial production would begin in October or November. For now, we have not yet noticed any Model Ys on the premises, however we cannot rule-out the possibility that test samples could be kept inside the building.


In early October, a source familiar with the case, but on condition of anonymity, told Tesmanian that mass production of Model Y at Giga Shanghai would begin in December. This is consistent with earlier suggestions that test production of the model could begin as early as October-November. The source also revealed that made-in-China Model Y will also be delivered to the European market starting in December 2020, which would be very good news for Europeans who are eagerly awaiting sales of the electric SUV.


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