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Tesla Giga Texas is Off to the Races with Giga Berlin & Shanghai, Construction Charges Forward

Tesla Giga Texas is Off to the Races with Giga Berlin & Shanghai, Construction Charges Forward

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Giga Texas will be the parent home for Semi, Cybertruck, and Model Y. Production is scheduled to begin in 2021, which means that soon the first customers will receive their long-awaited cars. It is worth noting that Tesla has absolutely no problems with the speed of construction. The lack of obstacles from local authorities and state laws, as well as the experience gained during the construction of its two previous factories, provide a huge advantage.

Hundreds of footers have been installed in the northeast of the main site, which was previously envisioned to house all Phase 1 production. Just one week ago there were about 200 of them, and now there are about 400, which only emphasizes the fact that the speed continues to gain momentum.

We can also see progress in the construction of the first ground structure, which is stunning to see already. As you can see, iron pillars are used for supports. Simultaneously with them, the roof frame is being installed, which distinguishes the construction process from Giga Berlin.

In Germany, Tesla adopted a new construction method, starting with prefabricated parts. After installing a batch of pillars that formed workshops, they began the next stage--the installation of the roof frame. It looks like in Giga Texas, the installation of the pillars and the roof frame will happen simultaneously, which could ultimately save a lot of time. The buildings will likely be built faster than we expect.

In the west, the GeoPier work continues and the installation of footers has begun. At the moment, there are already about 100 of them, although just 10 days ago, they were not there at all.

In the east, the development of recent excavation is continuing, in which a foundation will later be installed to further fortify the building.

In the southeast, a massive foundation continues to be installed, which will provide a solid support for the building that will house the heavy production equipment.

In addition to impressive progress on the main site, there is high activity northeast of it. Several large areas that once had hills are now almost completely leveled and will soon be ready to start the construction of buildings there. It looks like Phase 1 of construction is much larger than previously thought.


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