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Tesla Giga Texas May Be Completing Construction of Additional Production Line, Possibly for Model 3

Tesla Giga Texas May Be Completing Construction of Additional Production Line, Possibly for Model 3

Image: Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter

Tesla may be completing two additional production lines at Giga Texas. While one of them is for Cybertruck, the other one is possibly being built for Model 3.

Tesla Giga Texas continues to grow and expand its operations. So far, the factory has reached a production capacity of 5,000 Model Ys per week, reaching a production capacity of 250,000 vehicles per year. However, Giga Texas will not be limited to Model Y production, and development continues.

During the factory announcement, Elon Musk revealed that Model Y, Cybertruck, Semi, and Model 3 will be manufactured in Austin. We already know that the production line for Cybertruck has been set up at Giga Texas for several months now. However, factory progress watcher Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter recently recalled that Tesla was building two additional production lines.

While Giga Texas could initially be seen as a production site for Tesla Semi, the company recently announced it plans to expand Giga Nevada, where the electric truck will be built. This means that the second production line in Austin is probably not for Semi.

In light of the known facts, it seems that Tesla is setting the line for Model 3, which would make a lot of sense. At the moment, Model 3 for the US market is only produced at the Fremont factory. However, it seems that this is not enough to meet demand. All Model 3s and Model Ys sold in the US have recently become available for the full IRA tax credit. This brought the price of Model 3 below $30,000 and in some states, it dropped to around $20,000. Tesla cars have never been so affordable, which means that the demand for them will grow. It also means it makes a lot of sense for the company to launch another Model 3 production line in the US, especially with an updated version planned for release soon.

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