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Tesla Giga Texas May Have Applied to Start Operations in Five Main Workshops

Tesla Giga Texas May Have Applied to Start Operations in Five Main Workshops

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Tesla Giga Texas has recently submitted five new registration applications. The names indicate that this may be a request to start operations in the five main workshops that will produce Model Y.

On November 19, 2021, Tesla Giga Texas filed five filings with the ATX Architectural Review Board, which were discovered and posted by @MarcoRPTesla/Twitter. The list of applications contains the names of the five main workshops of the factory: Body in White, Stamping, Casting, Paint and General assembly. If all of these workshops are allowed to start operations, this will mean that the production of Model Y in Giga Texas can begin.

According to filings found in the Architectural Review Board, the start dates are in January 2020 (vary by workshop). Completion dates are indicated as 12/31/2021, which may indicate when the workshops will be fully ready for commissioning.

While there is no evidence at this time that these applications include a request for approval to start working in these shops, this is highly likely. All workshops have already debugged the equipment and even started test production. Therefore, the next logical step is the request to start production. Also, according to additional information provided by @MarcoRPTesla, the total projects cost is more than $1 billion, which may also indicate the start of mass production in Giga Texas. In any case, such activity is a very good and strong sign that the factory will soon begin production and the first Model Y made in Texas will begin to roll off the assembly line.

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