Tesla Giga Texas Receives Delivery of 9 Pairs of Molds, Possibly for 9,000-Ton Giga Press for Cybertruck Production

Tesla Giga Texas Receives Delivery of 9 Pairs of Molds, Possibly for 9,000-Ton Giga Press for Cybertruck Production

Image: @JoTegtmeyer/Twitter

Tesla Giga Texas received delivery of nine pairs of molds for Giga Press. Presumably, they will be installed on the 9,000-ton Giga Press that will produce rear-end single-piece casts for Cybertruck.

New information about the Giga Texas indicates that the Cybertruck's pre-production progress is mind-blowing. In the middle of last week, thanks to a video filmed by @JoTegtmeyer/Twitter, we learned that the Giga Press, with a clamping force of 9,000 tons, which will be used to produce Cybertruck, is almost completely assembled. The photo showed that even the hoses were connected to the giant machine. However, there is still a lack of aluminum furnace, which can be installed quite quickly.

On January 19, @greggertruck/Twitter shared information that molds from Chinese ZDM had arrived at Giga Texas. He attached screenshots showing the date of arrival at the port of Houston, the number of packages, and the weight of each. In total, 18 molds were delivered—that is, nine pairs. @chilam131/Twitter added information that the containers arrived on January 16, Tesla picked them up on January 18, and on January 20, the empty containers were returned. These details show that the molds have already been delivered to Giga Texas, and possibly even installed. At the moment, there is no confirmation that these molds are intended specifically for the 9,000-ton Giga Press, however this is the most likely option.

The start of Cybertruck production is hotly anticipated. Fans, analysts, and critics of the company are still arguing about whether Tesla can start delivering pickup trucks in 2023. For now, the company has said production is slated for mid-year, with mass deliveries by the end of the year. If the first Cybertrucks are delivered to customers in 2023, this will be a strong factor underpinning Tesla's fundamental strength.

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