Tesla Giga Texas Welcomes Employees as Production Nears

Eva Fox by Eva Fox September 13, 2021

Tesla Giga Texas Welcomes Employees as Production Nears

Photos: @JoeTegtmeyer/Twitter

Tesla again pleasantly surprises with the achievements in the construction of Giga Texas. Recently, the manufacturer's factory, apparently for the first time, officially and solemnly greeted the company's employees at their new workplace.

Tesla began construction of Giga Texas a little more than one year ago, and today for the first time officially welcomes employees within its walls. While no official announcement has been made anywhere, the photos show that the company is welcoming new employees with a little celebration.

@JoeTegtmeyer/Twitter has taken some pictures that confirm that Tesla employees have started going to work at Giga Texas. Firstly, a checkpoint was set up with a sign, which says "Tesla employees" and an arrow indicating the direction of travel. Secondly, there are balloons hanging in the staff room, which apparently formed the word "WELCOME." Although some balloons are not in the position that they should be, the first letters "W" "E" "L" and the fifth letter "O" hint that they formed the word "WELCOME."

It should be kept in mind that Tesla employees have already been working at Giga Texas for some time since the production of test samples was started back in August. Therefore, such a greeting may indicate the arrival of a new batch of employees, although it is not necessarily evidence of this.

The construction of the frame of the huge building of Giga Texas is already close to completion. The only unfinished part is the central part, which stretches from the center of the factory to the south. At the moment, the installation of supports has already begun there. The rest of the building is almost completely covered with a shell. In some places, walls, windows, and doors are still missing, although given that construction is carried out using prefabricated parts, their final installation should not take long.

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