Tesla Gigafactory 3 Battery Facility Construction hits Lightning Speed

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Battery Facility Construction hits Lightning Speed

Construction of Tesla Gigafactory 3’s battery facility seems to be going at lightning speed, based on YouTuber Jason Yang’s recent footage of the site. The battery facility may play a key role in Tesla’s future in China and the auto industry in general. So it will be interesting to see what the battery facility releases in the coming months.

Within six days, workers at Tesla’s Shanghai factory have placed a portion of the battery facility’s roof, and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. The incremental change in the facility can be seen in Jason Yang’s videos of Gigafactory 3.

On Oct. 25, the battery facility’s framing seemed almost complete, and part of the flooring for the upper portion of the building was already in place. By Oct. 31, workers had already finished placing the roof on part of the battery facility.

It seems like the Chinese set up the overall framework of the building first and is now tackling the flooring and roof of the battery facility. Yang predicted the outer shell of Giga 3 Phase 2 may be finished before Christmas, which is remarkably fast given that Phase 1 was just completed in September.


Credit: Jason Yang/Youtube

Although, Tesla does seem to be moving fast itself when it comes to battery manufacturing. Earlier this year, the all-electric automaker bought Maxwell Technologies and Hibar Systems, which each focus on battery technology. After acquiring the companies, many speculated that Tesla may move forward with its plans to develop its own batteries.

Last week, Tesla’s President of Automotive Jerome Guillen visited the Shanghai factory and posted a job position at the company on LinkedIn, which could be related to the GF3’s battery facility.

Currently, Gigafactory 1 in Nevada manufacturers batteries for the US-made Model 3. The batteries are delivered to Tesla’s Fremont factory in California where the Model 3 is assembled. Gigafactory 3’s set up may prove more efficient for Tesla’s assembly line, which could help the company deliver China-made Model 3’s sooner.

Elon Musk has often missed his own optimistic delivery deadlines. This has been true since the days of the Model S to the Model 3 ramp. However, China seems determined to end Tesla’s reputation for delayed deliveries. The completed general assembly building in Gigafactory 3’s Phase 1 area is proof of that.

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