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Tesla Gigafactory 3's Model 3 Output May Be Exceeding 1K Per Week


Tesla Gigafactory 3’s Model 3 output may be exceeding 1,000 per week, based on a recent video by drone-operator Wuwa Vision. If the Shanghai factory is producing more than 1,000 units per week, it is close to meeting a goal hinted at by the Vice President of Tesla Global Grace Tao.

As shown by Wuwa Vision’s footage, Gigafactory 3 is teeming with Model 3 units. Some can be seen being driven along Tesla’s test track on Jiazhen Road—the same spot an early production Model 3 was spotted in late October. More Model 3 sedans can be seen around the lot near charging stations and especially in GF3’s parking lot.

The parking lot seems filled to the brim with Model 3s, even though car carriers are streaming out of the Tesla facility almost constantly. The car carriers are transporting the MIC Model 3 units to delivery centers all over China. It seems that GF3 is making cars as fast as car carriers can take them out of the parking lot, which leads Tesmanian to speculate that the output of Tesla’s Shanghai factory is exceeding 1,000 per week.


Credit: Wuwa Vision/YouTube

Most of the Model 3 units leaving GF3 have probably been preordered based on the colors that the factory seems to be focusing on in production. According to the latest news from local reservation holders, Tesla recently notified them about imminent deliveries of their Model 3 units.

Based on the notification, Tesla’s first batch of deliveries will be for the Model 3’s Pearl White Multi-Coat, Midnight Silver Metallic, and Deep Blue Metallic variants. Videos from Wuwa Vision support the notifications' claims. As seen in his latest video, most of the Model 3s parked in Gigafactory 3 or driving around the facility are white, blue, and midnight silver in color.

If Gigafactory 3 is producing more than 1,000 units per week, it is closer to Vice President Grace Tao’s estimate of 3,000 per week, which she announced in late October at the 2019 Shanghai City Promotion Conference. It would also prove the estimations of local reports in China that stated Gigafactory 3 would manufacture more than 17,000 Model 3 units by 2020.

Tesla China is poised to kickoff 2020 on a good note for the American automaker. Besides the ramp in Gigafactory 3, the Chinese government has approved incentives for the MIC Model 3 and suspended impending tariffs on all imported US-made cars and auto parts, which set the stage for Tesla next year.

Featured Image Credit: Wuwa Vision/YouTube

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