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Tesla Gigafactory 3 Output Almost at 2K a Week, All Finished MIC Model 3s Already Sold


Gigafactory 3’s production rate is closing in on 2,000 MIC Model 3s a week. Despite the Shanghai factory’s massive progress since the beginning of the year, GF3 still needs to push a little more to meet the rising demand for Tesla’s affordable sedan in China.

During the ceremonial MIC Model 3 delivery event, some of Tesla China’s executives shared information about Gigafactory 3 and its progress. An announcement about GF3 producing 280 Model 3s a day—or 28 cars an hour within 10-hour shifts--was made at the delivery event.

In a five-day workweek, 280 cars a day would amount to about 1,400 a week. GF3’s output would be a little over 1,900 if Tesla China was working with a 7-day workweek. Usually, workweeks in China consist of 6 days, bringing GF3's current estimated output to almost 1,700 Model 3s a week.

The General Manager of Tesla China, Allen Wang, announced that sales for the locally-made electric sedan were “very good.” He also shared that the Shanghai facility already achieved a production rate of 1,000 a week, somewhat confirming the calculations above.

According to those who attended the event, Tesla China stated that demand for the MIC Model 3 was quite high. Gigafactory 3 would need to push a little harder, though, to match Model 3s demand in China. Currently, all the locally-made sedans made in GF3 are considered sold, including the ones transported to delivery centers and waiting in the factory's parking lot.


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Xue Juncheng, a Senior Official at GF3, shared that 30 percent of the Shanghai factory’s supplies are locally sourced. Tesla China predicted that all of GF3’s supply chain would be locally sourced by the end of 2020. Juncheng also announced that Tesla China plans to increase its after-sales staff up to 1,500 workers in 2020.

Currently, Tesla China has 600 after-sales employees. The need for more after-sales staff may be related to Wang’s announcement about doubling Tesla service centers and fast-charging stations in China next year.

With these announcements, it is clear that today’s MIC Model 3 deliveries only marked the start of Gigafactory 3 and Tesla China’s work. There’s already a lot to be done in 2020, and the executives didn’t even talk about Model Y production during the event. Inasmuch as the delivery event today was impressive, it is really only the beginning. 

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