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Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai Resumes Operation

Tesla Giga 3 Shanghai


Today, February 10, 2020, Tesla Giga 3 Shanghai is officially resumed work, becoming one of the earliest batch of car companies in China to resume work.



Epidemic prevention measures have been significantly improved around the factory, and a large amount of security was maintained at the gate of the Shanghai factory to maintain order.


Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai 

Once the non-Tesla employee's vehicle is parked at the gate of the Gigafactory Shanghai area, relevant security will conduct interrogation and dismissal.

Work and parking permit are required to be checked before entering. Before officially entering the factory area, everyone needs to go through another inspection.

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai


At 7:40 am, the employee parking lot started to be busy. From the managers at the entrance of the parking lot to the employees with Tesla badges on their chests, they all consciously wore masks.

At around 7.50 am, the shuttle buses are carrying employees began to enter the Tesla Giga 3 Shanghai. The buses transport employees as 1 passenger per bench seat, believing that this is to avoid potential cross-infection as much as possible.

 Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai


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