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Tesla Gigafactory 4 Berlin Welcoming Party with Elon Musk’s Don’t Doubt Ur Vibes

Tesla Gigafactory 4 Berlin Welcoming Party with Elon Musk’s Don’t Doubt Ur Vibes

Supporters of Giga Berlin, hold a demonstration on Saturday, February 22, in Erkner, near Grünheide, to show that they support Tesla’s coming to their region. The demonstration was the answer of Tesla supporters for those who are now opposed to the construction of Gigafactory 4.

These people, gathered here today in order to demonstrate their love, enthusiasm and support for the environmentally friendly vehicle of the American automaker and its CEO Elon Musk.

People held a long poster that read: "Welcome Tesla Giga-Factory Berlin-Brandenburg." In addition to love in the heart, support in the mind and eloquent posters in the hands, the demonstrators enjoyed the Musk's new track "Don't doubt ur vibe".

At first glance, the lyrics are simple, but in reality I have a very deep meaning.

Don't doubt your vibe because it's you
Don't doubt your vibe because it's true

Elon Musk wanted to show that you don't need to doubt yourself, your desires and intentions, you need to believe in yourself and that everything conceived will work out. Now, the people who support Musk and Tesla in Gruenheide, with the help of this song, have expressed their support for the automaker.

Not all members of the community are positive about Tesla. In this regard, today there are also demonstrations of opponents. Despite the fact that local ecologists did not object to the early cleaning of the site for the planned Gig Berlin, two German organizations filed a lawsuit in order to prevent this. The Berlin-Brandenburg Supreme Administrative Court (OVG) denied them the request. Peace demonstrators want to show that not everyone in the community was against Tesla.

Demonstrations of opponents get a high degree of coverage, so for those outside Grünheide, Germany, it may seem that the local community is opposed to Gigafactory 4 being built here.

However, demonstrations by Tesla supporters are designed to show that there are many people in the place who sincerely want Tesla to come. You can read on their Facebook page: "Most of the people of Grünheide are happy about the momentum Tesla will bring to the region. The motto should, therefore, not be to prevent but to help shape. Let us see Tesla as an opportunity and let us use the possibilities. So we want to welcome Tesla. And we look forward to a future together. With each other instead of against each other."

Featured image: rbb/Philip Barnstorf

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