Tesla Met Germany Ministry of Transport Before The Semi Launch

Tesla Met Germany Ministry of Transport Before The Semi Launch

Tesla wants to overturn the Sunday & Holidays driving ban for electric trucks over 15,000 lbs. 

A few weeks ago, the American automaker made a special request to the German government, it was about special rules for electric trucks.

According to German media, the Tesla delegation visited Berlin last week and met in private with Secretary of State for Parliament BMVI Steffen Bilger. At the meeting, various general issues were discussed. During this discussion, company representatives called for some changes in the country's legislation. It was about releasing the environmentally friendly Semi truck from Sunday’s ban on driving.

To protect people from noise and dirt, Germany introduced a truck ban on May 1, 1956. On Sundays and public holidays from 0 to 10 pm, commercial trips of trucks weighing more than 7.5 tons are prohibited. This doesn't apply to: transporting fresh products such as milk, meat and fish; film and television materials and rescue & recovery vehicles.

The smooth movement of all electric trucks across the country will be incredibly beneficial for the companies that own them.

A representative of the German Association for freight forwarding and logistics explains that so far only standardization of the ban on driving on non-working days and holidays has been discussed. No special rules have yet been considered for certain trucks.

“During a conversation at BMVI with Mr. PSts Bilger and Tesla, options for strengthening sustainable modern mobility were discussed, especially in the field of logistics.”

Source: My Tesla Adventure/YouTube

In accordance with the Rules of the Road, the Federal Ministry of Transport may “exempt from a ban on driving a truck on Sundays and public holidays on individual occasions or in general for certain applicants”.

At the moment, Tesla doesn't provide additional information about his strategy, however, according to data from foreign media, the company is also trying to remove bans on driving heavy trucks in other European countries.

If Tesla succeeds in removing these old restrictions, then any company that has electric trucks in its arsenal (in particular, at the moment we are talking about Semi) will be able to work 7 days a week. Trucks will not stand idle for many hours, which means companies will seamlessly earn money absolutely all the time using the vehicle.

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