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Tesla Prepares Gigafactory 4 Lot Ahead of Expected Purchase Contract


Tesla is already prepping to break ground on its yet-to-be-formally-purchased Gigafactory 4 lot. The all-electric car maker is expected to close the deal and sale of the GF4 complex in Germany soon.

Information from Tesla enthusiast @Gf4Tesla, who surveyed the area, revealed that the next-gen automaker is preparing to break ground soon. The forest where Tesla plans to build its main facility in Europe has been getting a lot of visitors lately—as shown in posts from the Twitter account #GF4 #Gigafactory4.

According to @Gf4Tesla, the state ammunition salvage department has coordinated with SafeLane Global and Röhll to check the forest for potential leftover World War 2 bombs in the area. SafeLane Global has already surveyed the area to find parking spots for its container settlements. The company will be clearing the area of WW2 bombs by January 6, 2020.

Röhll has started its own survey of the future GF4 plot by dividing the forest into squares. It will begin clearing the forest of possible WW2 bombs at the same time as SafeLane Global.

The Tesla enthusiast was also able to talk to people in the GF4 forest about the purchase of the lot. He reportedly spoke with Forest Administration, state ammunition salvage, private ammunition salvage, and the Tesla Topography surveying team. They all assumed that the 300-hectare lot’s purchase would be finalized and signed by Friday, December 20, 2019.

Tesla is expected to break ground on Gigafactory 4 before approval. “Tesla is likely to start at [its] own risk even before the approval if a positive decision can be expected. This is permitted by the Federal Immission Control Act for projects of public interest,” said Environment and Agriculture Minister of Brandenburg Axel Vogel, reported IR Online.

Tesla’s purchase agreement for the Brandenburg forest could be approved by December 18--despite what surveyors of the forest have assumed. After the purchase is approved, Tesla will need to submit a 2,000-page application for the factory’s approval to the State Environmental Agency by December 20.

Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach has stated that Tesla plans a reforestation project to replace the trees that will be uprooted for GF4 construction. The next-gen automaker—whose mission is to make transportation sustainable—is fully committed to reforesting three times the area that Gigafactory 4 will be built on, whether its one big plot of land or many separate ones.

Featured Image Credit: @Gf4Tesa/Twitter


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