Tesla Gigafactory 4 May Produce Vehicles Beyond Model Y and Model 3


Tesla may produce more than the Model Y and Model 3 at Gigafactory 4, according to an announcement by the State Office for the Environment in Brandenburg published in an official journal. Many have dropped their speculation on the next Tesla car that might be made in the GF4 after the Model Y and Model 3.

The State Office for the Environment in Brandenburg announced that Gigafactory Europe would be working on Model Y and Model 3 assembly as well as future Tesla vehicles. Based on the official journal where the announcement was published, GF4 will be manufacturing 500,000 vehicles per year when it is fully functional.

The Tesla community has already started speculating which future vehicles the next-gent automaker plans to produce at Gigafactory 4. The top theories right now are the Cybertruck, a Model 2, and the 2020 Roadster. Tesla has a valid reason for producing any of these vehicles at GF4.

Many have argued that the Cybertruck might be too big for the European market, which tends to lean towards smaller vehicles. However, Elon Musk has mentioned manufacturing a compact CYBRTRK, which may be the right size for EV consumers in Europe who want a car but would fit the standard size for vehicles on the continent.

The Model 2 has long been a vehicle lurking in the shadows at Tesla. It is speculated to be the EV automaker's compact car. During a 2018 earnings call, Elon Musk did talk about the car company thinking of releasing a segment-C vehicle, which could be the Model 2. 

A compact car would fit the European standard well. Gali from HyperChange predicted that the Model 2 could be part of Phase 3 of Elon Musk's Master Plan in an exclusive Tesmanian interview.

The 2020 Roadster could also be made in Gigafactory 4. It is Tesla's supercar, and Europe is known for its mastery of supercar-making. The 2020 Roadster would fit in nicely in GF4's lineup and the European market as well.

Gigafactory 4 scheduled to start construction on the Model Y in 2021. Tesla could meet its deadline if the purchase contract for the GF4 forest and papers for the actual construction of Gigafactory 4 are approved on time.

The purchase contract for GF4 has already been signed by Brandenburg officials. The Tesla board still has to approve the final contract. However, the GF4 forest is already undergoing preliminary preparations for construction, including inspections for possible leftover WWII bombs. 

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