Tesla Gigafactory 4 Filings Reveal Details for Factory Dimensions, Daily Deliveries, And More


Preliminary preparations at the upcoming location of Tesla’s Gigafactory 4 in Brandenburg, Germany, have started today, January 6, and details of the automaker’s Europe-based facility have been released. 

Tesla has begun prepping the GF4 forest before the company receives approval of the purchase contract on the land from the Ministry of the Environment. Tesla enthusiasts @GF4Tesla and @gigafactory_4 have shared pictures of the ammunition recovery teams arriving at the forest. Based on images shared online, the teams appear to be setting up camp and are poised to begin the search for leftover WWII bombs.

Gigafactory 4 in Brandenburg is speculated to be a massive Tesla facility. According to Tesla supporter @AEONde, Tesla’s Environmental Impact study states that the entire GF4 complex will cover 3,041,216 sqm (751.5 acres).

Phase 1 of GF4’s construction will use up 1,522,300 sqm. (376.17 acres) of the forest, and it will be used for the construction of vehicle assembly buildings and other facilities. The actual GF4 plant will take up 587,721 sqm. (145.23 acres) of the 1,522,300 sqm. (376.17 acres) area. Meanwhile, 891,920 sqm. (220.40 acres) will be allotted for parking lots, roads, railroads, and test tracks on the site.

GF4 is expected to operate with three shifts per day (6 am-2 pm, 2 pm-10 pm, and 10 pm-6 am. Filings also hint that the automaker plans to have 24/7 production at GF4 with the three shifts.

The EV maker also estimated that 326 material trucks and 4 trains filled with materials will be passing through the area for GF4 production as well. The reports also predicted that 137 outgoing car carriers and 2 full trains will be delivering GF4's finished vehicles a day.

The Environmental Impact report further divulged that the majority of Phase 1 seems to cover general assembly and parts for the Model Y, Model 3, and other Tesla vehicles the automaker may produce in the factory.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in late 2019 that Gigafactory 4 would be starting with Model Y production. It is widely believed that Model Y production will begin in 2021 if all the paperwork for GF4—including the purchase contract—is approved on time. It was recently announced that Gigafactory 4 will also be making the Model 3 and future Tesla vehicles as well. The ultimate goal for GF4 at the moment is an output of 500,000 cars a year.

H/T: @Gf4Tesla, @gigafactory_4, and @AEONde

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