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Tesla Gigafactory Nevada to Expand New Production Line with JV Partner Panasonic

Tesla Gigafactory Nevada to Expand New Production Line with JV Partner Panasonic

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Panasonic is stepping up its efforts at Tesla Gigafactory Nevada through a significant expansion of its operations, including investments in new infrastructure to produce higher capacity batteries at a lower cost and add new workers.

“There’s some construction work that needs to take place over the next couple of months,” said Carl Walton, vice president of production engineering and facilities for Panasonic Energy of North America. “Then early next year, we’ll be installing new equipment with production starting shortly after that."

The new line to Giga Nevada will be the fourteenth and should increase its capacity by about 10%. This announcement was made at the end of August and has now been confirmed once again. It currently stands at 35-gigawatt hours per year.

In addition, this increase in production capacity will require around 100 new employees in addition to the approximately 7,000 currently employed there. According to Walton, demand for electric vehicles is growing rapidly worldwide and the expansion will help Tesla serve the market.

But modernizations are also pending on the existing systems in the cell and battery Gigafactory. Panasonic has already begun converting the technology into new battery technology, Walton said. It offers two advantages that Tesla CEO Elon Musk greatly values: they are cheaper to manufacture and have a higher capacity. Panasonic is talking about a 5% increase in the energy density of its cells for Tesla, and in the longer term, that figure should be increased by 20%. From a cost point of view, using less cobalt is beneficial.

According to previous reports, Panasonic is investing approximately $100 million in an expansion at Giga Nevada. 

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