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Tesla Gigafactory UK Hinted By Local Government's Search For Industrial Space

by Ma. Claribelle Deveza May 29, 2020


Featured Image Credit: Tesla

Tesla Gigafactory UK was hinted at recently by local media in the European country. The British government is reportedly searching for industrial space that could be the location of Tesla's next Gigafactory in Europe. 

According to AM-Online, the UK's Department for International Trade (DIT) was on the hunt for a 4 million-square-foot space to build an R&D and manufacturing plant for Tesla.

"The government is working with industry to help make the UK the location of choice to develop world-class electric technologies. DIT is working closely with partners to scope out sites for new investment into electric vehicle research, development, and manufacturing across the UK," said a DIT spokesperson to Property Week--a magazine that reports commercial and residential property market news in the UK. Property Week reported the space was for a Tesla Gigafactory.

During the Q1 2020 Earnings Call, Elon Musk had said that Tesla's next Gigafactory will be announced within the next three months. At the time, everyone thought Musk was referring to the Cybertruck Gigafactory that's speculated for Austin, Texas or Tulsa, Oklahoma, but Tesla's CEO might have meant that more than one Gigafactory would be announced--if the recent UK reports are proven accurate.

As it stands, Tesla may have its hands full with Gigafactories. Giga Berlin just received permission to start foundation work. The Berlin-based factory could be operational by 2021 if everything goes according to schedule. 

Meanwhile, in China, Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai has been operational for months and has already achieved several milestones. It recently started MIC Model 3 Long Range RWD deliveries and is expected to reach 4,000 per week production by the end of June. The buildout of Gigafactory Shanghai Phase 2--where Model Y production would take place--is progressing quickly as well. 

Back home, in the United States, the Tesla community has been patiently waiting for Elon Musk to announce the next Gigafactory location. Since Elon Musk tweeted about the possibility of a Giga Texas, Tesla's new Gigafactory has been a hot topic amongst the community. Following his Giga Texas tweet, Elon Musk announced that Tesla was looking for a location to build the company's next Gigafactory somewhere in Central America. Since then, multiple states have vied for the coveted spot. 

Tesla's search for its next Gigafacotry in the US has resulted in a bunch of proposals from Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and others. The states have stepped up their proposal game to show their eagerness for Tesla and its upcoming Cybertruck Gigafactory

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