First Tesla Hardware 3 Retrofit Upgrades Reported In Canada

First Tesla Hardware 3 Retrofit Upgrades Reported In Canada

It appears that Tesla’s Hardware 3 retrofit upgrade is in full swing, and it is now expanding to areas beyond the United States. As per a recent update from Tesla owners in Canada, the first HW3 retrofits are currently being conducted in the country, from areas like Toronto to Victoria. 

The recent update was related on Twitter by @TeslainCanada, who noted that the Vancouver Service Center is conducting HW3 retrofits. Tesla in Canada also wrote about it in its official website. Other Tesla owners from Canada chimed in, stating that retrofit upgrades in other areas such as Toronto, Calgary, Victoria, and Ontario are also ongoing. Similar to the Hardware 3 retrofit process in the US, eligible Tesla owners in Canada are advised to wait for their Service Center to contact them for an appointment. 

Hardware 3 retrofit upgrades are offered to owners who have purchased Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite and whose vehicles are fitted with older hardware. So far, reports from the Tesla community indicate that HW2.5 vehicles are currently being upgraded by the company, though HW2 vehicles are expected to follow. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, after all, has stated that cars equipped with Hardware 2 and 2.5 are eligible for the Hardware 3 retrofit. 

Tesla’s Hardware 3 retrofit is a crucial part of the company’s plans on rolling out the fully-fledged version of its Full Self-Driving suite. HW3 is specifically designed to reach full autonomy, making it invaluable to Tesla’s plans of eventually releasing a network of self-driving Robotaxis for ridesharing. Tesla discussed these plans in its Autonomy Day last year, where Elon Musk and other company executives outlined the specs and capabilities of its custom silicon. 

Elon Musk has noted that it is imperative for next-generation carmakers like Tesla to not just focus on making electric cars, but in developing self-driving tech as well. This was highlighted during Musk’s interview in the Third Row Podcast, where he discussed Tesla’s autonomous driving initiatives. “In order for a car company to be successful, it has to succeed on two fundamental technology discontinuities. One being electrification, the other being autonomy. Even pure electrification by itself is not enough,” Musk said.

With Tesla owners in Canada now receiving their Hardware 3 retrofit, there is a good chance that the upgrade will be rolled out to other territories as well. Similar to the company’s rollout of FSD features like Smart Summon and Navigate on Autopilot, Tesla may soon follow Canada with HW3 retrofits in Europe and China. Once these retrofits are done, Tesla will have its pieces in place for the eventual activation of the Tesla Network’s Robotaxi fleet

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