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Tesla Model 3 Tops Satisfaction Rating on New Global Happy Motorist Index by Zutobi

Tesla Model 3 Tops Satisfaction Rating on New Global Happy Motorist Index by Zutobi

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Tesla Model 3 has the highest consumer satisfaction rating of any vehicle, according to Zutobi's new Global Happy Motorist Index. This is the best praise for the manufacturer and the best recommendation for consumers.

Before buying a new car, consumers most often conduct information gathering and evaluation of the best cars. At the same time, getting feedback and recommendations from the owners of that or other brand(s) and model(s) is the best way to do this. While every manufacturer praises their cars, only real owners can tell the whole truth about the vehicle, obtained from their own experience, all of its pros and cons.

Zutobi recorded average owner ratings for each model from Parkers, HonestJohn, Autotrader, and Edmunds websites in order to compile an overall list. The list includes only those models that have received ratings from at least three of the above sites. Average ratings were calculated as the average of the ratings taken from each review site.

According to Zutobi's new Global Happy Motorist Index, Tesla Model 3 is the car with the highest satisfaction rating among owners. The Texas manufacturer's car scored 4.53, the highest overall score from all four websites. This is not surprising, because Model 3 is a very popular car and a leader in the EV segment. With excellent value for the money and a huge array of technologies in it that continually enhance the ownership experience and raise its value, this car will no doubt top similar rankings for a long time to come.

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