Tesla Has Around 1M 4680 Battery Cells in Fremont Awaiting Shipment to Giga Texas for Model Y Production

Tesla Has Around 1M 4680 Battery Cells in Fremont Awaiting Shipment to Giga Texas for Model Y Production

Tesla has about 1 million 4680 battery cells at its manufacturing facility at Cato Road, Fremont, California. The source said the batteries are awaiting shipment to Giga Texas for Model Y production, with certification to be completed soon.

The Tesla Roadrunner Project at Kato Road, which develops, test-produces, and produces 4680 battery cells introduced in 2020, is under scrutiny. However, no one has been able to get at least some details about what is going on there, except for the occasional non-volumetric and superficial comments from the company's management. Now, for what seems to be the first time ever, more details about the object have emerged.

Oliver's MX/Tesla Motors Club, via @alex_avoigt/Twitter, has shared some details regarding the manufacturing process, results, what is happening on the production lines, and Tesla's plans for 4680 battery cells. He said that his relative who works at the factory shared this information with him and backed up the post with an image of the company's performance.

According to the description, Oliver's MX shared a chart of the results of 14 production lines on January 22. It shows how many good and bad batteries were produced that day. "Green represents good batteries and red is for rejects. As you can see, on that day they had 14 machines running and produced 92% good batteries, including the 82% bad batteries from Machine 212 which I believe was being used that day to train folks from Texas And who will be producing them there in the future," he wrote. This indicates that there is a line in the Kato Road facility where specialists who will soon be responsible for the production of 4680 cells at Giga Texas are trained.

In addition, Oliver's MX said that when this image was shared with him, he was told that there are over 1 million batteries in a warehouse waiting to be shipped to Giga Texas for Model Y production. "I was also informed that when this production chart was shared with me a few days ago, that there are over 1 million batteries sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting to become part of the Model Y structural battery pack Being produced in Texas," he wrote. This number of battery cells could equip probably more than 1,000 Model Ys, although the exact number is unknown due to the lack of exact specifications of the batteries.

However, Oliver's MX does not have details on whether this is the only batch that is available for shipping to Giga Texas or if batteries have been previously shipped. Therefore, it is difficult to make any assumptions about the performance of the facility. However, even if the company managed to produce 1 million battery cells, this is already incredibly cool. It is worth bearing in mind that it has only been 16 months since the announcement of the 4680 battery cells, and to produce a product on such a scale in such a short time, for a company that has never done anything like this, is an extremely high achievement.

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