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Tesla Makes Great Progress in Installing Production Equipment at Giga Berlin, Leaked Photos Show

Tesla Makes Great Progress in Installing Production Equipment at Giga Berlin, Leaked Photos Show

Photos: Wielkopolan79 Wielkopolan79/Google

New photos of Giga Berlin, recently leaked on the Internet, show Tesla continues to actively install production equipment. The Body in White Shop (BIW) will soon be ready for production.

Previously, several photos of the equipment installation process have already been found on Google Maps, and now user Wielkopolan79 Wielkopolan79 has added a few again. The photos were taken at the BIW building and show that many assembly robots are already in place. The partitions between the different sections are also already installed. Some photographs show cables lying on the floor and a power cabinet open next to the workers, which may indicate that the robots are plugging into the electrical grid.

About one week ago, photos were already received of how robots in BIW are working. One of the photos showed the two right-side parts of the Model Y's body. Another photo was taken from above, and gives a broader view of what is happening on the production line. The robots moved at least three single-piece ends of Model Y. All observations and photographs taken indicate that the creation of Giga Berlin is proceeding according to the original plan. However, due to the lengthy approval process, and later due to changes made to the factory design, it remains unknown when exactly the production process will start. This is expected to happen before the end of 2021.

As a reminder, Body in White is the stage in automobile manufacturing in which a car’s body frame has been joined together, which is before painting and before the motor, chassis sub-assemblies, or trim have been integrated into the structure. In fact, it is in this workshop that the body of a car is first formed.

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