Tesla Has Made Progress with Steam Integration into its Cars & Could Present Demo Next Month

Tesla Has Made Progress with Steam Integration into its Cars & Could Present Demo Next Month

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Tesla has made progress with Steam integration into its vehicles to make them game consoles with a wide selection of games. The manufacturer will present a demo probably next month, said Elon Musk.

The future will belong to autonomous vehicles, and human participation in driving will no longer be needed. Thanks to this, people will have additional time while driving in a car, which can be spent in different ways, from simply enjoying the views to fully immersing themselves in the world of online entertainment.

Here, fun games come to the fore as an option for spending your autonomous driving time. All Teslas already have games, which makes them game consoles. However, they are limited in number and it would be great to have access to a wider selection. For example, Steam, which is an online digital distribution service for computer games and software, can provide this and it seems that Tesla is on its way to providing it to its customers.

@teslaisntaflex/Twitter recently shared a little informational video of himself using his Tesla Model X for fun, playing games. In response to this video, Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote that the company has made progress in integrating Steam into its vehicles. In addition, he said that a demo could be presented as early as next month.

Model X and Model Y cars have very powerful GPUs capable of supporting AAA games. Tesla will also likely start making its own controllers to make in-car gaming even more enjoyable for its customers. Tesla's in-car gaming controller was revealed during the Model S Plaid delivery event. The company did not put much emphasis on it, but it was hard not to notice during the demonstration of the infotainment system to visitors. Thus, with powerful GPUs, controllers, and access to Steam, Tesla is almost ready to give its customers the opportunity to dive more fully into the world of games.

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