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Tesla Full Self-Driving FSD Beta Has Many Latent Options in the Code That will Greatly Expand Functionality

Tesla Full Self-Driving FSD Beta Has Many Latent Options in the Code That will Greatly Expand Functionality

Tesla continues to develop its FSD Beta, which already has wide functionality, but will be further improved, as indicated by the presence of many options in the code that have not yet been activated.

FSD Beta has been distributed only to a limited number of Tesla owners who are good drivers. Beta testers should try out new features and, if necessary, intervene in the driving process to correct the vehicle's movement. Correction data is constantly recorded and processed by Tesla in order to improve its product. This process allows bugs to be identified and corrected to make FSD Beta completely safe before distribution to the general public.

Tesla hacker @greentheonly/Twitter discovered many options in the FSD Beta code that would indicate a significant expansion of functionality in the future.

Tesla has many options in the FSD Beta code that are already activated, as well as those that will expand functionality when activated in the future. Among those that will be activated in the future, you can find: Next Gen Lane Changes, New Speed ​​Planner Everywhere, Use BEV Ways Route, Use per-cam 3D Mov Objs (Always), New Speed ​​Planner Intersection, Europe - Enable Roundabout Control and much more.

In addition, @greentheonly shared footage of how FSD Beta development mode works while the vehicle is moving. They show exactly how the program marks objects, what information the vehicle receives, its location, and route options (taking into account the current location, the location of roads on the terrain, and traffic rules).

FSD Beta is something that will radically change the rules of the game, and after a series of improvements will yield Level 5 autonomy. Once the Dojo--Tesla's supercomputer for training--is assembled, FSD will begin to develop by leaps and bounds, leaving rivals to swallow dust.

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