Tesla Has Reached the Age of Majority & Celebrates its 18th Birthday Today

Tesla Has Reached the Age of Majority & Celebrates its 18th Birthday Today

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Today, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is celebrating its 18th birthday. During this time, the company has grown from a tiny startup to the most valuable car manufacturer in the world.

On July 1, 2003, a small startup was born in California, USA, the goal of which was to bring a quality electric car to market. At the time, electric vehicles were perceived as just golf carts, so the company's goal was extremely ambitious. Contrary to outdated automakers and those who support fossil fuels, Tesla is fighting for a world where cars are powered by electricity. This makes it possible to stop the pollution of the environment with exhaust gases.

Several months after Tesla's registration, the company still had no prospects, and urgently needed huge funding and a leader who could set the right goals and achieve them. In February 2004, Tesla's founders raised an investment of $7.5 million, with Elon Musk contributing $6.5 million of that. This discerning person, now increasingly called a visionary, saw the potential of an idea and was able to lead the company to success.

In order to achieve his ambitious goals, Musk developed an excellent strategy for the company's development. Tesla started with the production of a premium sports car, sales of which funded the development and production of the next model. After the first-generation Roadster, the company developed Model S, then Model X, followed by the affordable Model 3, which conquered the whole world. Tesla is now aiming to take over all segments of the automotive market with the compact SUV Model Y, the pickup truck Cybertruck, the Class 8 truck Semi, and the next-generation Roadster. Soon the market will also be presented with an affordable compact car, which will give Tesla leadership not only in the EV market but in the entire automotive market.

For 18 years, Tesla's team, led by its CEO Elon Musk, has fought to prove to all of humanity that electric vehicles are a good future that we should all strive for. All their efforts, sleepless nights, and an insanely large number of experiences were not in vain. We now see a fast-growing company actively building factories around the world, spearheading the electric vehicle revolution. Gradually, Tesla cars are taking over the share of ICE cars in the automotive market in order to yield a better future for all of humanity.

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