Tesla Hits New Record with 343K+ Vehicles Delivered in Q3 2022

Tesla Hits New Record with 343K+ Vehicles Delivered in Q3 2022

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Tesla hit a new record in Q3 2022. The manufacturer has produced more than 365,000 vehicles, of which more than 343,000 units have been delivered to customers.

On October 2, 2022, Tesla announced an impressive success in the production and supply of vehicles in the third quarter. In the past three months, the company produced 365,923 vehicles of which Model 3/Y totaled 345,988 units and Model S/X totaled 19,935 units. As of September 30, 11:59 pm, 343,830 vehicles have been delivered, with Model 3/Y at 325,158 units and Model S/X at 18,672.

As can be seen from the data, there is a gap of 22,093 vehicles between the number of vehicles produced and delivered, which is more than can be observed normally, however this is due to the fact that the factories were producing a very large volume of vehicles, and the company has not yet been able to quickly deliver them to customers. Tesla explained that ever-increasing production volumes make it increasingly difficult to maintain transportation capacity and reasonable costs during peak logistics weeks that fall at the end of the quarter. Keep in mind that Giga Shanghai, the manufacturer's export hub, has significantly increased its production capacity after upgrading in the summer, and now needs to adjust the logistics to match this. The same applies to the Fremont factory, which has achieved record production numbers.

Tesla said it began shifting to a more even regional vehicle assembly every week in the third quarter, which also led to an increase in the number of vehicles on they way at the end of the quarter. These cars have already been ordered and will be delivered to customers upon arrival at their destination.

Tesla deliveries in 2022:
Q1 310,048 units
Q2 254,695 units
Q3 343,830 units
Total: 908,574 units.

If there are no force majeure events in Q4 2022, it is safe to assume that the manufacturer will deliver about 1.4 million vehicles in 2022.

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