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Tesla Dojo Is Faster than Stacks of GPUs, Will Become a Single Accelerator for AI Training

Tesla Dojo Is Faster than Stacks of GPUs, Will Become a Single Accelerator for AI Training

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Hardcore tech company Tesla is in the process of building a Dojo supercomputer that is faster than stacks of GPUs. It will become a single accelerator for AI training by rapidly processing millions of hours of video.

At AI Day 2022, the AI ​​team, including Dojo Project lead Ganesh Venkataramanan and Tesla director Peter Bannon talked more about the company's supercomputer. Tesla has begun building a massive, specialized hardware stack called Dojo in order to train its AI through video that the company's vehicles assemble and feed back to Tesla. To get the performance needed by the AI ​​team to work with the 30 petabyte footage storage, the manufacturer went dense with its hardware.

A key step towards reaching its goals was the training tile that the company unveiled during AI Day in 2021. Tesla was trying to figure out how to make its Dojo design scalable, and ran into some issues along the way, which is an integral part of the process. Venkataramanan said that no limits philosophy was the guiding point for Dojo. Dojo Principal System Engineer Bill Chang explained that the vision for the supercomputer is to build a single unified accelerator, “a very large one.”

The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is important in supercomputer assembly. So Tesla worked with vendors to deliver power solutions. As a result, according to Chang, CTE has been reduced by more than 50% and Dojo's performance has tripled compared to the original expansion. He added that solving density at every level is the key to achieving performance. Tesla Principal Engineer Rajiv Kurian shared images of Cybertruck on Mars generated by stable diffusion running on Dojo.

Important information is that Tesla could loan Dojo to companies to train their APIs. Of course, the company is building Dojo to first and foremost train its own AI, but in response to a question from one of the event attendees, Musk said the company probably would not sell its custom cabinets as a business. Instead, Tesla will probably sell compute time on a Dojo.

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