Ontario Authorities Take a Stand Against ICE-ing with $125 Fine


Ontario authorities have taken a stand against ICE-ing with a fine of CAD$125 or about US$95. ICE-ing is the act of blocking an EV charger, so electric-car owners can’t charge their vehicles. It has been a consistent issue in the Tesla community and the EV world in general. Whether it's on purpose or just ignorance, EV owners are frustrated by ICE-ing, and now something is finally being done—at least in Canada.

According to The Driven, a piece of legislation was signed into law last week by Whitby MPP Lorne Coe and Guelph MPP and Green leader Mike Schreiner. Under the addition to the Highway Traffic Act, vehicle owners caught ICE-ing will be fined CAD$125, or about US$95. 

“With this legislation, the Green Party is making its mark on Ontario politics, planting a small seed for the clean and caring economy,” remarked Mike Schreiner. The preventative ICE-ing law is the first piece of legislation passed by the Green Party.

Schreiner and the Green Party seem to have chosen an excellent place to start implementing policies that are essential to fighting the climate crisis. While the fine is relatively small in nature, it is a law that can be immediately implemented enforced easily. 

Even though it may seem simple in nature—compared to other green policies around the world—this particular piece of legislation can create significant waves in the Ontario community because it directly affects a part of the transportation segment. 

Cars are almost a norm for everyone in life, whether it's their own vehicle or a service car. These forms of transportation can significantly affect CO2 emission levels as well. 

“This is common-sense legislation that makes life easier for EV drivers and removes one of the barriers in the way of EV adoption,” said Schreiner about ICE-ing. 

He described the issue as “one of the biggest complaints of EV drivers,” and the Green Party’s solution to ICE-ing as “a small, albeit substantive, difference for EVs, which are essential to combating the clime crisis.”

Schreiner and the Green Party seem to encompass the very few—if any—politicians around the world sensitive to the issues ICE-ing creates for EV owners. Recently, EV owners in Croatia organized a short demonstration to show fossil-fueled car owners how frustrating ICE-ing was for them. 

EV owners had blocked the gas station, preventing ICE owners from getting fuel. The protest was the last resort for EV owners in Croatia, who felt that nothing was being done by proper authorities in the country to prevent ICE-ing. 

Electric vehicles are a viable answer to the question: How can people keep cars without harming the world even further? So it stands to reason that the leaders of society should support the use of EVs and prevent potential conflicts between electric car owners and those who own ICE vehicles.

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